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(2) 5.7m, 1000 m/min, easy rebuild for 2-layer board, pre-engineering available. Dilution control headbox, Vouth Top former, Voith 'NipcoFlex' shoe press 4-nip Press Section & Smoothing press, Size press, Coater, Vouth 'Janus' Super Calender, Jagenberg 'Vari-Roll' winders. Was making 1400 TPD of Coated Free Sheet (CFS).

Pulp Mill - Wood yard, Batch Digesters, Recovery Boiler 1100tpd rebuilt 2015, Bleach plant Impco (GL&V) 3-stage Eop D, Compaction Baffle washers all titanium construction, Cl02 R8, 24tpd capacity. 


Please see spec for detailed information.  Many various pieces of equipment available!


Van. 299 - 3.7m Linerboard Machine

 Voith DuoFormer Linerboard PM

Trim: 3.8m

Speed: 750m/m

Complete with Stock Prep, Siemens Control System, Wire Section with Escher Wyss Headbox and Voith Fourdrinier, Voith Press Section with Tandem Nipco Flex Press with Pickup Roll, Dryer Section with Escher Wyss Calender



Van. 294 - Complete Tissue Production Line

 ·         Voith DuoFormer Tissue Machine

·         Complete Stock Prep

·         Trim: 2.73m at the Pope Reel, Yankee 4.5m dia. 

·         14-26 gsm, 1500 m/min, 90tpd

·         Rebuilds: 1992 – New Voith Yankee, 2007 – Headbox,   2015 – Suction Roll, 2017 – New AC Drives & Yankee re-grind



Van. 288 - 4m Coated WF Paper Machine

 Voith WF Coated or Linerboard

Trim: 3.9mm

Speed: 1100m/m

Capacity: 160,000 TPA


Van. 287 - 2.3m Linerboard Machine

Trim: 2.286mm

Speed: 70-210m/min

Capacity: 40-50tpd

GSM: 100-300

3 stainless stock chests, 6 Dorries refiners, 2 Escher Wyss deflakers, Back water fibre recovery, Air reactor, Nash vacuum pumps, Voith Economizer Cleaning system



Van. 268 - 2.68m Tissue Machine

 ·         70 tpd top quality machine with major rebuilds

·         2004 - New Valmet Yankee, 4.5m diameter, Rebuilt Gas Hood, Steam & Air system, All in EXCELLENT condition

·         Suction breast roll former, 13.5 gsm @ 1600 m/min, Automation: ABB DCS & QCS

·         Mill needs space, MAKE AN OFFER!


VanTek Ref. No. 238 - 10 Pocket Cut Size Sheeter - SOLD!!!


VanTek Ref. No. 223 - Banknote & Security Paper Machine - SOLD!


VanTek Ref. No. 201 - 4.8m Coated Fine PM - SOLD!


1000tpd Kraft Pulp Mill & CL02 Plant